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Experience has shown that fabrics coated by classic methods are vulnerable to micro-organism and mildew ingress when exposed to moisture. The micro-organisms penetrate into the base cloth and spread themselves by capillarity. When exposed to rain, ultra-violet, pollution etc… most coated fabrics let you down aethetically with signs of premature ageing.

SYSTEM LOWICK is both a treatment and a process considerably reducing micro-organism penetration into the heart of coated fabrics.

SYSTEM LOWICK creates on a microscopic scale capillarity blockades throughout the coated fabric, halting migration.



The smooth Cleangard topcoat lacquer prevents soiling and facilitates cleaning. A solid protection against weathering.

All-weather resistant

Easier to clean

Very good weldability

Longer life

Smoother surface, less prone to soilings



Resource Programme

Recycling of production offcuts and materials at the end of their useful life (PVC or EverGreen) allows for reduction in the environmental impact; by entering into other production cycles, they reduce the extraction of natural resources.
We offer our clients, who wish to adopt an environmentally-friendly posture, the opportunity to join the Resource* programme, after signing the partnership charter.
*collection facilities and treatment in EU.


The use of EverGreen Fabrics is a voluntary decision and commitment on the part of Dickson Coatings, a company that respects the environment and man.

Eco-designed fabrics : Evergreen Fabrics are made from a polyester base and a water-based coating. They are consistently:

  • PVC free
  • phtalate free
  • formaldehyde free
  • phosphate free
  • dihydroxydiethel ether free

Our Eco-Design approach ensures reducing the environmental impact of our products throughout their life cycle, from manufacturing to disposal of the product:

  • Design: formulation of fabrics favouring protection of natural resources
  • Manufacturing: production method reducing energy consumption
  • Packaging: selection of materials favouring recycling
  • Use: protection of the user due to the absence of residual VOCs, reducing environmental air pollution
  • End of life: local disposal of the fabric after use, minimising transport flows

A recognised ecological approach : The environmental advantage of EverGreen Fabrics products has been valided by the Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) in terms of standards ISO 14 040 – 14 044.(*) Non toxicity and respect for human health have been certified by the Oeko-Tex standard.(*)

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